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Put Epidemic Sound on the map as the leading partner for creative artists and music creators worldwide.


Music is the catalyst for 80% of creative projects 

Campaign Aim:

Highlighting the power Epidemic Sound's existing music library has to get us out of our creative ruts and play a key role in our projects outcome.

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 Intended for digital and commercial use, this advert uses music to connote the feeling between coherent ideas, versus intangible thoughts that come about during a creative rut. This is presented by the opposing music representing when an idea flows or halts. 

Video Mock-Ups By: Kims Mihailovs

 This advert presents Epidemic Sound as the missing puzzle piece for content creators projects. We wanted to establish how great music makes way for creative clarity, from being the catalyst for an idea or the finishing touch. 

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Similar to first advert but turned into a Gif for instagram specifically. Layering images are used before fading to white, to instead translate the frustration of being in a creative muddle. 

Which brings us to the Epidemic Sound mantra as translated through the entire brief response and embedded into our social captions. 

"Being a content creator of any kind can be frustrating sometimes: especially when you have creators block. Here at Epidemic we celebrate the journey that is creativity through providing a music library that helps fit all the pieces of your creative puzzle together" 


Above are some sample posters emphasising the impact musicians have on content creators. Makeup artist, Pat McGrath's favourite musicians being the staples which she often recalls in interviews. Similarly Christopher Nolan uses David Bowie's music as a motif for many of his movies, most famously the ending credits of Memento. Nolan adored Bowie and his sound so much that he decided to cast him in his later film Prestige where Bowie would create an original song to preform in the movie - talk about the power of great music!

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Some more copyrighting, i'm sure you get it by now..


We thought it would be cool to show the finished poem from the first ad and include it as part of our pitch deck, we ended up giving physical copies to present how ideas can always be nurtured despite our complex minds, through the power of good tunes and a strong coffee - maybe not always coffee. 

Mock-Up & Poem By: Tarrine Khanom

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